More support for your child. Less stress for you.

Imagine giving your child the therapy they need, without the waitlists, confusion, and piles of paperwork. Just world-class care and guidance at every step of the way.

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ABA therapy, as easy as ABC

Jumping through hoops should be for playtime—not getting your child the therapy they need. Here’s how Ambitions makes the process simple and stress-free.


Amazingly easy appointments

You have a lot on your plate. You don’t have time to waste waiting endlessly on hold or figuring out a labyrinth-like scheduling system. View your appointments online with just a few clicks. Something’s come up? No worries—cancel online up to 24 hours before.


Blissfully simple bureaucracy

You’ll be blown away by how the burden of bureaucracy falls away when you have our expert team to help you navigate it. From obtaining a diagnosis to insurance approvals to  administrative hassles, we’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on being there for your child.


Completely open communication

You know your child best. That’s why we involve you and your family at every stage of the therapy journey. We'll work together to discuss your child’s challenges and set manageable goals. And we'll give you regular reports and training throughout the entire process.

Wherever your child is, that’s where we meet them

Ambitions is committed to your child's success.
That’s why, with us, your child can:

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Receive ABA therapy services in their own home, school, or where they feel the most comfortable.

Serving homes in the Chicago area
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Communicate with their therapist in their native language, to remove any language barriers.

Therapy available in English and Spanish

We hold your hand while you hold theirs

Your child’s wellbeing is our top priority. But you’re a huge part of that. Our services help you be the most supportive parent you can.

Guidance at every step

Let us handle the hassle, hiccups, and headaches so you can focus on what matters most: being there for your child.

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Community integration

Some behaviors can be difficult to manage and happen at unexpected times. Your child’s therapist can come with you to the grocery store or other public settings to help handle any stressful situations. And don’t worry—we’re very discreet!

Parent & family training

Your child’s therapy journey doesn’t stop when the therapist leaves. We’ll teach you the knowledge and tools you need to continue to support your child’s progress.

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Child playing with wooden blocks

Insurance approval

You have more important things to worry about than playing phone tag or tug-of-war with your insurance. With our decades of experience dealing with insurance companies, we’ll determine if you’re in network and take the burden off your shoulders.

No diagnosis? No problem.

Are you noticing certain behaviors in your child, but not sure if it’s ASD or something else? We’ll walk you through the process of getting an accurate diagnosis, so you know what steps to take next.

Speak to an intake specialist at no cost or commitment.
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