ABA Therapy In Norridge, Illinois

At-Home ABA Therapy In Norridge, Illinois

At-home ABA therapy in Norridge, Illinois for children with behavioral challenges. Because nothing should hold them back from reaching their potential.

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Speak to an intake specialist at no cost or commitment.
Norridge, Illinois


#1 ABA Therapy Company In Norridge, Illinois

Looking for ABA therapy near me? You shouldn't have to wait weeks on end to get personalized autism therapy in Norridge, Illinois for your child, argue with insurance companies, or turn your family’s schedule upside-down to get your child the therapy they need in Norridge, Illinois.

We’re here to help your child with ABA therapy in Norridge, Illinois and make your life easier in the process, so you can focus on being there when they need you most.

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Life’s hard enough. Getting ABA therapy in Norridge, Illinois should be simple.

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Expert help getting an accurate diagnosis

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Short waiting time for appointments

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Insurance eligibility and approvals

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A treatment plan tailored to your child

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All your questions patiently answered

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Parent and family training and education


We're the #1 autism therapy company in Norridge, Illinois

We’ll handle the hiccups and minimize the headaches along the way. If you're looking for at-home or school-based ABA therapy near you, we've got you covered. Here is what you can expect when you get started with Ambitions.

Our #1 priority is ensuring every child with autism in Norridge, Illinois gets the support and resources they need to thrive.

Speak to an intake specialist

We’ll discuss your child’s challenges, needs and insurance information to help determine their eligibility for ABA therapy.

Get assessed by a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

Our BCBA will ask you about your child’s history and background, do an evaluation, and observe them in their natural setting.

Get a personalized treatment plan

The BCBA will create a detailed treatment plan that includes the behavior goals that you’ve discussed together.

Watch your child blossom

Through hands-on play and immersive activities, your child will learn new skills and how to apply them in real-life settings.

How do I know if my child can benefit from ABA?

Most parents who come to us notice a few of these common signs:

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Avoids eye and physical contact

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Repeats words or actions over and over

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Doesn’t take an interest in other people

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Must follow certain routines and gets upset by small changes

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Is extremely sensitive to touch, light, sound, taste, etc.

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Has difficulty recognizing emotions, jokes and gestures

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Fixates on certain activities or objects

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Is often impulsive, inattentive, or aggressive

Person slowly walking using a handrail for support

Has delayed language and movement skills

Receive a therapy plan as unique as they are

Your child’s tailored ABA therapy plan will help them overcome their particular challenges, focusing on areas such as:

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Personal care skills

Feeding, bathing, personal hygiene, potty training

Megaphone and speech bubble illustration

Social skills

Speech, communication, and other social skills

Child sleeping

Daily living skills

Dressing, eating, sleeping, writing, using scissors

Parent hugging child

Parent/family training

Responding to difficult behaviors and encouraging positive ones

Discover how easy ABA therapy can be

Got any questions, or need help getting a diagnosis?

Speak to an intake specialist at no cost or commitment.
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